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Aluminum silicate, also known as kaolin or china clay, is utilized in lubricants and pesticides industries for various purposes:

In lubricants industry:

Thickening Agent: Aluminum silicate can act as a thickening agent in lubricating greases. When dispersed in a lubricating oil or base fluid, aluminum silicate particles form a three-dimensional network that thickens the lubricant and enhances its consistency. This helps to reduce oil leakage and dripping, improve mechanical stability, and provide better lubrication under high-pressure conditions.

Extreme Pressure Additive: Aluminum silicate can serve as an extreme pressure (EP) additive in lubricants. Under high-pressure conditions, such as in gearboxes or metalworking applications, aluminum silicate forms a protective film on metal surfaces, reducing friction and wear. This helps prevent metal-to-metal contact, surface damage, and premature equipment failure.

Anti-Wear Agent: Aluminum silicate particles can reduce wear between moving parts by forming a boundary layer on metal surfaces. This layer acts as a barrier, preventing direct contact between the surfaces and minimizing wear and friction. Aluminum silicate enhances the durability and service life of machinery components by reducing wear and extending lubricant life.

In pesticides industry:

Inert Carrier: Aluminum silicate is commonly used as an inert carrier or filler in pesticide formulations. It serves as a diluent for active ingredients, helping to evenly distribute pesticides and improve their handling properties. Aluminum silicate ensures proper dispersion of active ingredients in pesticide formulations, enhancing their effectiveness and stability.

Flow Aid: Aluminum silicate acts as a flow aid in pesticide formulations, improving their flowability and handling characteristics. It reduces clumping and caking of powdered pesticides, allowing for easier handling, storage, and application. Aluminum silicate ensures uniform distribution of pesticides during application, leading to more consistent coverage and better pest control.

Absorbent: Aluminum silicate can absorb moisture and other volatile components in pesticide formulations, improving their stability and shelf life. It helps to prevent degradation of active ingredients and maintain the integrity of pesticide formulations under varying environmental conditions. Aluminum silicate enhances the stability and efficacy of pesticides during storage and transportation.

Overall, aluminum silicate plays important roles in both lubricants and pesticides industries, providing thickening, extreme pressure, anti-wear, inert carrier, flow aid, and absorbent properties. Its versatile properties contribute to the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of products in these industries.

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